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Current Features
  • Search non-derivative Form 4 data  
  • Summary, Form and Transaction views
  • Export to Excel and tab delimited format
  • Account creation for search templates
  • Derivative and Non-Derivative data downloads
  • CIK/Symbol lookup

  • Why did you create this site?
    I was not able to find a site that could provide suitable insider trading data at a reasonable price. The EDGAR site is excellent for finding forms, however it can be quite tedious to page through all the hits. This site provides an easy way to review and monitor insider trading. The site's purpose is to provide access to insider trading data, not to provide financial advice.

    Bottom line: I built this site for my personal use, but hope you find it of use too.

  • Are there any charges to use this site?
    There are no charges to use this site.
  • Do I need to create an account?
    No. Accounts are required if you would like to save your search criteria as a template or receive email notification (when implemented).
  • Where does your insider trading data come from?
    All insider trading data comes from the SEC EDGAR database. EDGAR search interface is available HERE. Form and Transaction searches provide a link back to the source SEC data.
  • Do you provide financial advice?
    There are plenty of other sites that offer financial advice. This site's purpose is to provide access to insider trading data. What you do with that data is your business. Please read the Disclaimer.
  • Are there any limitations on searches/exports?
    Yes. Searches and exports will return a maximum of 1000 records. This has been implemented primarily for bandwidth and system performance purposes. Compressed text files of monthly data can be found HERE.
  • What do all the search fields mean?
    Please see Search Help.
  • What are templates?
    Templates are a way to save frequently used search criteria. You must have an account and be logged in to use templates.
  • Is the data "scrubbed" or adjusted?
    No. The insider trading data is an exact representation of the data found at EDGAR. This includes any typos and erroneous data that may be entered by the reporting individual or company. Data is not adjusted for stock splits, etc. The only exception is fractional share amounts (ie 2.45) which are rounded.
  • What do the "1/1/1900" dates in the download files mean?
    1/1/1900 represents null or empty data for that particular form item. Most common for Exercise Date and Expiration Date in Derivative data downloads.
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